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August Message Series - Part 2 - Wait, What? I Wonder...?

Part 2 - I Wonder...? - You’ve probably asked this question in some way, shape or form in your life. I wonder why? I wonder if..? Both bring us to a better understanding of a story or situation – and open us up to God’s possibilities and plans. This question gives life to our curiosity, our desire to learn and know and to grow. It’s a part of who God made us to be. When was the last time you stopped to wonder about something – to learn and grow because of it? Never lose a holy curiosity. Curiosity helps us discover what’s possible, to discover what we don’t know. 

Scripture: Acts 6:1-7 – I wonder why there are problems with the distribution of food – turned into a question – I wonder if…I wonder if we selected some people to oversee that, we would all benefit and the gospel proclamation could go forward. I wonder…if we offered three varieties of music…I wonder if we had a rolling schedule…I wonder why my relationships aren’t healthy – I wonder if I reached out to that person what would happen.