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August Message Series - Part 3 - Wait, What? Couldn't We At Least...?

Part 3 - Couldn't We At Least...? - When you feel stuck – this can help you get unstuck. Couldn’t we at least – is a way to begin. Most things never happen because we fail to begin. If you are stuck in your life, faith, or relationships – or you’ve had good intentions but have failed to act – this question can help you begin. Couldn’t I at least…start. Couldn’t I at least give it a try and see where it leads? 

Scripture: Acts 8:26-38 – Philip and the early church are scattered but keep proclaiming the good news. Couldn’t we at least preach where we are? He sees the Ethiopian, couldn’t we at least read the Scripture together. Couldn’t I at least tell the story of Jesus? Couldn’t I at least be baptized? It started with a conversation and then turned into a baptism! Couldn’t I at least invite my neighbors over for dinner? Couldn’t we at least give it a try? Couldn’t we at least…begin and see what happens? Gradually, then suddenly. One step at a time – couldn’t we at least – one idea, one discipline, one relational investment at a time – and then suddenly – something amazing might happen!