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August Message Series - Part 4 - How Can I Help?

Part 4 - How Can I Help? - How you help matters as much as that you do help. When you follow Christ’s command to serve others, to put the interest of others before your own – you are acting selflessly, but it can be easy for self to sneak back in and make serving more about you, a savior complex or a need to be recognized for that help. How you help matters greatly – serving others with good boundaries, good motivations, and a loving heart is what is needed. Better not to serve at all if you can’t do it without making it all about you. 

Scripture: Acts 10 – Peter and Cornelius. Cornelius is not the usual audience for Paul, in fact, they aren’t supposed to interact. But Peter listens to God and then asks how he can help. Not according to his desires or religious expectations –but in a way that will honor God’s plans and purposes and truly be helpful to those being helped. Begins the mission to the Gentiles. Who are you called to help and how?