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August Message Series begins - Wait, What? Life's Essential Questions

Part 1: Wait, What? - Introduction to message series – the questions we ask matter a great deal. How are you doing at asking what James Ryan calls: Life’s Essential Questions? When it come to our life, faith, and relationships – these questions can help us grow, gain clarity, keeping moving forward, name and face reality, and more. Our first question: “wait, what?” helps us stop and gain clarity and understanding. Where are you making assumptions in your life, faith and relationships instead of stopping to investigate further or seek deeper understanding before responding.

Scripture: Acts 3 – the beggar is healed. Wait, what? The beggar must have thought when offered healing instead of money. Wait, what? The people must have thought when they saw the beggar dancing and praising God. Wait, what? When Peter told them the story of a Messiah who came to give his life instead of conquer an empire. By faith in Jesus – life, true life is found.