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August Message Series - Part 5 - What Truly Matters?

Part 5 - What Truly Matters? - This can guide you through an everyday decision or through the biggest decisions of your life. This can bring focus in a meeting and can change the course of a relationship. In your faith, this can matter immensely – it is so easy to get distracted by things that just don’t matter in an ultimate sense – to make your faith about something other than following Jesus and living out his mission. Don’t let the small stuff get in the way of the important stuff. Don’t give into the tyranny of the urgent. Don’t let the urgent derail the important in your life, faith, and relationships. 


Scripture: Acts 15:22-35 – The early church was seeing an incredible movement of the gospel into the Gentile population. Some were distracted by legal requirements of Judaism, but were missing what was of first importance – the gospel of Jesus Christ – a gospel that is about freedom and relationship – not rules. Wisely, the early church was able to listen to God and stay focused on what truly matters – the good news of Jesus was proclaimed to Jews and Gentiles. Where in your life, faith and relationships do you need to refocus on what truly matters?