All that you need and more.

It's Christmas time. It's that time of year when lists are written in answer to the question - "What do you want for Christmas?" My kids are four and two and believe me, their lists are long and their wants are many - from Elsa and Anna to Dusty Crophopper and Spiderman - the list goes on and on. The longer I'm alive and the longer I serve as a pastor the more and more I've come to see that most people are really good at knowing what they want. It's when it come to their needs that people often struggle to come up with anything meaningful.

So let me ask you - not about what you want for Christmas - but about what you need. What do you need this Christmas? What do you need from the God who created you and loves you?

Do you need acceptance and belonging? Do you need a renewed identity that's bigger than who other people think you are or you've come to believe about yourself? Do you need the promise of lasting security that goes beyond the circumstances of this moment? Do you need a renewed sense of purpose and direction?

One of Jesus' closest followers, John, recorded these incredible words from Jesus:

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10b.

Jesus has come, not so that you can follow a list of rules or try your best to be a good person, but so that you can rest in his grace, forgiveness, and love. Through his life, death, and resurrection, you can have life - full, meaningful, and vibrant life.

This December, on Sunday mornings, we're wrestling with a sermon series titled - 'Special Delivery.' At the heart of the series, we'll take a deeper look inside the Christmas story and we'll discover a great hope - in Jesus Christ, God offers you full and abundant life. In Jesus Christ, God meets your need for acceptance, identity, security, and purpose.

The good news at the heart of the message this Christmas, is simple - God loves you enough to reach beyond the horizon of your limited perspective, past the edges of your wants and desires, stepping into time and space as one of us, to provide all that you need and more for the life he longs for you to live.

December 7 - Identity.

December 14 - Children's Christmas Musical

December 21 - Security.

December 24 - Purpose.

Christmas Eve Services - 4:30* - Family Service. 7:00* and 9:00 - *Nursery Open

Join us and connect with the God who gives you all that you needs and more.

Posted on December 5, 2014 .