Celebrate with us on Christmas Eve

As I write this there is exactly one week until Christmas Eve! Can you believe that? Wow! This Advent season, a time of preparation, has been a nice chance to reflect, preparing me for the coming Savior. I hope it has inspired and prepared you, as well.

The current sermon series, “Special Delivery” has been discussing four basic human needs that we all share.

Week 1 was ‘Acceptance’, touching each of us with the truth that in Christ Jesus we are a new creation. Accepted just as we are. Welcomed into His salvation plan. Thank you, Lord!

Week 2 was ‘Identity’, and reminded me that as a child of God, my identity is now in the coming Christ. I am his and He is mine. We are all the Children of God!

This coming weekend- the 3rd basic human need, is ‘Security’. Jesus came to you and to me, born as a man, to bring the hope, joy and security of a future. True and lasting security comes from a connection to God, through trust in Jesus. In Christ, God gives us everything!

And that brings us to Christmas Eve, one week away…‘Purpose’. At Christmas we celebrate the birth of our Savior. Our Redeemer. The Forgiver of Sins. The Good News to mankind. We all have purpose.

Live in the joy of Christmas. The whole year. Let your light, your life…shine the Good News of salvation’s story! Live your faith. We should be bursting with happiness and real, genuine JOY as we shine and others will then be led from any dark place in their lives…into the true light- the Light of the World.

Join us for Christmas Eve services:

4:30pm - Our ‘Family’ Service. Geared towards younger children, and their families. I will be leading some carols from my guitar, Children will come forward for a special Children’s message from Pastor Jesse. Candles during the singing of ‘Silent Night’!

7:00 and 9:00pm - Something very special this year! I have been rehearsing a special band that includes 4 French Horns…to help lead our carol singing for these two services. Lots of candles, subtle screen images, and soft lighting. ‘Christmas Unplugged’, if you will… A Candlelight Message by Pastor Jesse and Candlelight by the congregation, as expected, during the singing of ‘Silent Night’. Very nice.

Please join us and consider inviting and hosting a neighbor. And may the Light of our Lord Jesus Christ shine in you in 2015 to help you go deeper in your walk with him…so that you can reach wider with his love! Merry Christmas!

Larry Krueger – Worship Music and Creative Director

Posted on December 17, 2014 .