Mazatlán Interview – with Amy Kulesza

In late June, Marine View Youth and leaders traveled to Mazatlan, Mexico to serve the those in need and share God’s love at feeding centers, garbage dumps, prisons, and a massive soccer camp called ‘Camp de Fútbol.” The following captures one student’s perspective.  Read on as rising senior, Amy Kulesza’s shares about her time in Mexico. 

Jesse: Amy, you’ve just returned from ten days serving the poor and those in need in the outskirts of Mazatlán, Mexico, as part of the Marine View Youth Ministries Mission Trip. This is your second trip, can you tell us a little bit about what the trip was like this year and what you and the team did there? 

Amy: If you’re ever heard someone say that God works through people – this trip helped me understand just how true this is. As I worked with children, I saw God’s love at work in their lives and it was such a cool thing. We served in feeding centers to make sure kids had a meal before school. I loved seeing the kids walking to school in their uniforms and was glad to see almost all of them going to school which didn’t happen last year. 

Jesse: Is there one experience in particular that stands out to you? 

Amy: Camp de fútbol stands out to me. Camp de fútbol is kind of a funny story. The coordinators told us that it’s a really organized event. But then you get there and kids come running in and it’s chaotic and crazy. Over a thousand kids were there for the camp. As part of the camp, we practice soccer skills, give kids a soccer ball and Bible, and spend time in small groups sharing the good news about Jesus. This year, as I went to the camp, I wasn’t expecting to see any of the kids I’d met the year before. But then I heard my name and turned around and a group of about seven kids were shouting, “Amy! Amy! Amy!” And they gave me a big hug and my heart just melted. It was so cool and unexpected. I felt bad that I didn’t remember their names, but it was okay because the relationship was there. I was glad for the opportunity to see them again and to see God’s love in them. That experience definitely stands out to me. 

Jesse: What’s the take away for you from this trip? 

Amy: This trip was different from last year. I saw how important relationships are and how God was at work in the lives of the children and churches in Mazatlán. The opportunity to return to Mazatlán helped me go deeper with Jesus and to see God’s love at work in the children and the translators and in my life. 

photo credit: Denis Dervisevic

Posted on July 10, 2014 .