Resolute - The Unwavering Journey of Jesus

I don't know about you, but there are some ends I have in mind for my life and faith that I would really love to see become reality.

For instance, I would really love to see my kids become wonderful, emotionally and spiritually healthy adults. I would really love to celebrate 10, 25 and (if I live long enough) 50 years of married life with my wife Callie - we're working on number 10 this year. I would really like to retire someday. I would really, really love to be as passionate about my faith in Jesus when I'm 70 as I am today. These are just a few of the ends I hope for in my life and faith. Will these ends become a reality - that depends on whether or not I find a way to live with these ends in mind. Living with the end in mind should serve to motivate me to spend time investing in my children, my marriage, my retirement, and my faith.

The truths is, living with the end in mind isn't easy - in fact - it's hard. The urgency of the day to day and the temptation to choose what's easy, comfortable, and convenient right now gets in the way. Ends are in the future - they're not the pressing wants or issues of the day - it's easy to lose sight of the ends you have in mind for life and faith. Unfortunately, losing sight of the end all but guarantees that it won't become reality.

What ends do you have in mind for your life, your faith, your family that you hope will become reality? How are you doing at living each day with those ends in mind?

Jesus came to earth with a mission. In his life and ministry, Jesus had an end in mind - save the world - literally reconcile the world to God through his death on a cross. Jesus lived each moment of his life on earth with an unwavering focus on that end and that focus shaped everything he said and did and the way he related to those around him. Jesus never lost sight of the end God had in mind for him - save the world through his death and resurrection.

On Sunday mornings this March, we will explore the unwavering journey of Jesus in the gospel of Luke as Jesus set his face toward Jerusalem and resolutely made his way to the cross. In Luke 9:51 we read:

As the time approached for Jesus to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem.

Jesus lived with the end in mind. What Jesus did and taught on his way to the cross offers a compelling and challenging call to those who seek to follow Jesus and live with the end in mind. 

Upcoming Sermons in the Series:

March 1 - Keep the End in Mind - Luke 9:51-62

March 8 - The Narrow Door - Luke 13:22-30

March 15 - Focus - Luke 18:31-43

March 22 - Stay the Course - Luke 19:11-27

March 29 - Unwavering to the End - Luke 19:28-44

Will you follow Jesus' example and learn how to live with the end in mind?

Posted on February 26, 2015 .