Polling Our People: Small Groups

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Small groups are flourishing at Marine View, providing opportunities for individuals to come together with other believers to learn, grow, and celebrate life. Twenty small groups meet on a regular basis, so we decided to ask participants to talk about the difference their group makes in their lives. Here’s what they said:

“Being a member of a small group adds love, joy, peace to my life and strengthens my faith.”

“Our small group is loving, caring, supports all, and we are eager to study and learn more about our Lord. We trust one another with anything. We can share anything.”

“My life is enriched by my relationship with God and the people God places in my life. For 32 years, I have been a member of various small groups. Through them I’ve been able to experience the abundant life that God promises. The small group has always been the place where I truly experience a deeper and wider relationship with God.”

 “Small group is friendship, closeness to others because of meeting often, and getting to know people you learn to lean on because they are there for you.”

“Small group has been such a blessing. We find that that our group's support and encouragement is constant, and that Our Father’s love encompasses us no matter where we are each day. “

“I appreciate the different viewpoints concerning the study, which is very educational.”

“I appreciate meeting regularly with a group of people who challenge me and are also interested in studying what God has to say about our lives and how we should live them. “

“Small groups keep me awake to others and challenge me to keep growing in the Lord.  I've especially appreciated the 4G group because of its elastic borders, welcoming new people of diverse ages and backgrounds into the group.”

“My group means so much to me. I live alone and I look forward to be in a small group and share with others.”

“My husband and I joined a small group this year for the first time. I value the insight and deeper understanding from those who have participated for years. I’m yearning to learn, and have found a nonjudgmental group that is open to support each other, especially with individuals like myself who have not experienced many of the Bible stories.”

“Small groups allow you to be close--to get to know a few people well. I’ve learned more about the Bible and how it relates to me today. Our group is open to questions without fear of reprisal.

A small group is waiting to welcome you! If you are interested in joining a small group, please contact Marine View’s small group coordinator Dinah Knutzen at drknutzen@comcast.net.

Posted on March 20, 2015 .