MV's New Look and Feel - Vision and Legacy Projects

Find out what’s been done—and still going to be done—to make MVP facilities warmer, safer, and more inviting. 

By Nathalie Moberg

A few winters ago, Marine View’s faithful truly were the “frozen chosen” as they shivered in the sanctuary on a Sunday morning, waiting for the heat to kick in. But in places unseen, the seven furnaces that keep the sanctuary comfortable refused to cooperate.

Each of those furnaces was added over time as Marine View expanded and remodeled through the decades. Slowly, pieces of the heating system began to fail. Two heat pumps on the roof quit altogether.

But the heating wasn’t all that plagued the main building. The roof was in dire need of repair. Clogged drains triggered flooding a few years ago in lower level classrooms. Some siding needed to be replaced, and the church exterior was in want of a new coat of paint.

“It was amazing what had to be done,” said Mike Douglas. For 30 years, Mike has volunteered to help with Marine View’s building and grounds. But as the building aged, the need for regular maintenance and updates became more critical—and expensive.

Undaunted, a dedicated team took on the challenge. As Mike and Kevin Marr, the elder overseeing building and grounds, peered into the future, they knew the work had to be tackled now. The volunteers, are the ones that are called in when something breaks, knew building upgrades were critical.

“First impressions are lasting impressions,” Mike explained. “So we want the building and grounds to look good. People need to feel the building won’t fall down around them.”

Last year’s Vision and Legacy capital campaign that raised $310,161, with nearly $40,000 still pledged through June 2016, was the answer to the building woes, providing funding for critical improvements. Professionals were hired when needed. But more than 300 hours of volunteer labor helped those funds stretch farther, achieving the remarkable in less than a year.

But the projects weren’t always easy as volunteers and pros had to work in and around a church that continued to function throughout the week. Construction dust had to be kept away from children attending the weekday preschool. Schedules were arranged so the noise from jackhammers, pry bars, saws, and other tools had minimal impact on church activities.

Despite inconveniences and the unexpected challenges that often arise in construction projects, many upgrades are complete--and still more remains to be done. Here’s the latest update:

What’s been accomplished:

1.      Natural gas connected to the church

2.      New natural gas burner added to the main boiler

3.      New roof provided for the sanctuary window flat roof

4.      Two heat pumps added to heat the sanctuary

5.      Two heat pumps added to heat the nursery

6.      Fellowship Area furnished

7.      Youth Lounge completed

8.      Classroom 9 in the Main Campus redecorated

9.      Lower Fireside room remodeled for Children’s Ministry use (see photo above)

10.    Preschool bathrooms remodeled

11.     Ceiling in McKenzie Hall sound-proofed and repaired

12.     New lighting added in McKenzie Hall

13.     East campus kitchen professionally cleaned

14.     East Campus roof sealed

What’s still on the punch list:

1.      Remodel East Campus bathrooms

2.      Remodel East Campus youth rooms

3.      Remodel Main Campus Classroom 10 for groups and classes

4.      Replace sanctuary carpet

5.      Replace sanctuary windows

6.      Replace sanctuary pews

Posted on August 14, 2015 .