Celebrating Growing Faith

Bob Boren Baptism.jpg

We celebrated growing faith with Bob Boren (center above) on Sunday, November 20. Here are a few words from Bob about his experience at Marine View and his growing relationship with Jesus: 

For many years, I have been on a mission to be a better man, and by extension, a better Christian. With much reading, pondering and soul searching, I have decided to embrace the idea; the mission of Marine View Church, of going deeper in my relationship with Jesus, and reaching wider with God’s love.

Beginning in early 2013, I began attending Marine View Church, in an effort to make some sense of my life, and the tragedy of my impending divorce. I chose Marine View Church because of their outreach with their Jazz Live concerts. I have learned much, and have grown much, too.

I am not some starry eyed zealot, choosing some belief du jour. Rather, this has been nearly a lifetime journey of investigation, beginning before I could write cursively! I didn’t read just one Bible. I own many. My favorite is the Companion Bible, by Bullinger. And concordances and dictionaries. Strong’s is a favorite.  I looked at comparative religion books. Catholic catechism. Writings of Luther. This has been a calm, and measured, investigation, into my relationship with my Creator.

What can I tell you, of my development? I found a church, a group of leaders, a group of people, that welcomed me, and allowed me to develop as a Christian, at my pace. As I attended more and more services, I became aware of a presence, and messages, and coincidences I could not ignore. I listened to many sermons. Messages I felt were written and directed, solely for me, helping me evolve as a Christian, and as a man. Events, and circumstances, that aligned with this path, that would make me say, “Hmmm. Is that you, God, speaking to me?” 

Some 60 years ago, I was baptized, as an infant. I came to the conclusion, several weeks ago, that I wanted to make an adult affirmation, perhaps a rededication, of that event. This has been problematic, for I am an introvert at rest, and an extroverted introvert when needed. In talks with senior pastor Jesse Skiffington, I decided that total immersion in Puget Sound, in the midst of November, at Dash Point Dock was more immersion than I desired. Instead, a “dunking on the dais”; a definite moistening, though, and took place on Sunday, November 20, 2016, shortly after 9:00 am.

- Bob Boren

Posted on December 1, 2016 .