Marine View Welcomes Living Chinese Baptist Church to East Campus

It’s always a joy to see how the vision and mission God has given us at Marine View reaches beyond our life together and impacts others. Just ask Pastor Steven Sun of the Living Chinese Baptist Church.

In November of last year, Pastor Steven and his home church in Federal Way were searching for a place to meet. As the start-up congregation grew, it became clear that a living room wasn’t going to be enough space.  Through his relationship with Dr. Yee Hwa Soon, a seminary professor and Marine View regular, Pastor Steven reached out to Session for help.

At the December Session meeting, Marine View’s leaders met with Pastor Steven and members of his congregation to hear about a growing vision as God moves and works within the Chinese community in Federal Way. Session made the unanimous decision to invite Living Chinese Baptist Church to utilize Classroom 1 in the East Campus building as a gathering place for their growing congregation. Session made one request of Pastor Steven asking that his congregation participate in the Vision and Legacy project by helping fix-up Classroom 1.   

Pastor Steven and his congregation quickly went to work transforming Classroom 1 into a fresh and inviting meeting space. On February 21, Living Chinese Baptist Church held their first worship service in the East Campus building.

Living Chinese Baptist Church joins Seattle Disciple Church – a growing Korean congregation – in its use of the East Campus building on Sunday mornings. Be sure to extend your welcome to our brothers and sisters in Christ in the coming months as we partner together in ministry.

Haven’t been to East Campus lately? Be sure to visit. Take a few minutes on an upcoming Sunday to walk over and experience the changes. The transformation is remarkable. New bathrooms, a bright clean kitchen, revitalized classrooms for youth ministry, new meeting spaces for Marine View groups and community groups – all working to create a fresh and welcoming environment

A special note of thanks to the Marine View Buildings and Grounds Team and to Marine View Youth Director, Beau Pugh for their vision and hard work over the past six months. Thank you to Pastor Steven and his congregation for their hard work in Classroom 1.

Posted on March 3, 2016 .