Reaching Wider with God's Love

Partnering with World Vision to address humanitarian crisis in Syria.

There is so much good to celebrate in our life together at Marine View. Let me just mention one situation where the Marine View congregation acted to make a difference in Jesus’ name and reached wider with God’s love.

At the end of 2015, the Marine View Mission Team noted a surplus in their budget of just over $3000. Together, the team discussed opportunities to use those funds in various ways to serve others. In the end, the team settled on the Syrian Refugee crisis as an opportunity to show God’s love to those in need. The eyes of the world are watching as Syrian men, women, and children are suffering – the team saw the need and responded.

Members of the Marine View Mission Team reached out to Lana Reda, a Marine View member who works with the International Christian Relief Organization, World Vision, and the decision was made to send the remainder of the 2015 Mission budget to support World Vision’s relief efforts in Syria. At the beginning of January, a check for $3,315,23 was sent to World Vision headquarters on behalf of the Marine View congregation. 

Thank you to the members of the Marine View Mission Team, and to you the Marine View congregation for your care and concern for all people.

Marine View is deeply committed to serving Jesus Christ at home and around the world through our ministry to the lost and hurting.

Interested in joining the Marine View Mission Team or getting involved in a local or international mission opportunity? The Marine View Mission Team meets on the first Monday of each month to pray, to discuss and provide opportunities for the congregation to serve, and to discern how God is leading the team to utilize funds from the mission budget for the sake of maximum impact.

Contact Marine View the Marine View Office: or Marine View Youth Director, Beau Pugh:  to get involved.

Looking for more on the World Vision response - check out their most recent post: World Vision Response - Syrian Refugee Crisis


Posted on February 10, 2016 .