Generation to Generation: May Sermon Series

Early last fall, the Marine View softball team, a group of youngish guys, gathered to play an evening game at Celebration Park in Federal Way. In the stands sat three women more than twice their age (we won’t say exactly what age) cheering them on. The connection – they’re part of the Marine View family, too. Marine View won the game and the players jogged over to the stands to thank their fans. The moment serves as a great example of inter-generational community.

There is something powerful, even counter-cultural when a person or group of people develop meaningful relationships with people from other generations.

Imagine a community built on the strengths and wisdom of multiple generations. Where mistrust and a lack of understanding is replaced by collaboration and respect. I believe God has provided Marine View with a unique opportunity to share his love by living as a healthy, vital, Christ-centered, inter-generational community.  

Yet, there are inherent challenges to engaging in mutually beneficial relationships with people who are of a different generation. Each generation has a unique internal wiring – a way of seeing and living in the world that is shaped by the time period in which they grew up.

In our May Message Series, we will explore and learn from examples from the Bible of meaningful relationships across different generations.

Don’t miss Sunday, May 22, as guest speaker Rev. Becci Curtis-Lillie, Associate Pastor from FPC Tacoma preaches on the inter-generational relationship and collaboration between Paul and Timothy. Becci brings perspective and insight based on her time at First Presbyterian that can be helpful to our life together at Marine View.

Sunday, May 8 - Mother's Day - The Story of Ruth and Naomi - Discover the one thing that can turn heartbreak into joy.

Sunday, May 15 - The Story of Esther and Mordecai - Find courage by connecting to a bigger story.

Sunday, May 22 - Guest Preacher: Becci Curtis-Lillie - The Story of Paul and Timothy - Inter-generational collaboration.

Sunday, May 29 - The Story of Moses and Jethro - Leaning into each other's strengths.


Posted on May 5, 2016 .