Power Source: Are you plugged in?

A series exploring the 'I am' statements of Jesus in the Gospel of John.

We all need a reliable power source in our lives. Whether it’s a power source designed to light our homes, charge our mobile devices, or keep our food cold – a reliable power source is something we rely on every day of our lives.

When it comes to our spiritual and emotional lives we need an equally reliable power source. We need a power source to keep us going in life, to  helps us recharge for the challenges we will face and for the life of faith God has called us to.

In Jesus Christ, God has given us the most reliable power source of all. The power source we need more than any other. In Jesus Christ, God sent His Son into the world so that we could experience a direct connection to the power and daily impact of His presence in our lives.

The question is – are you plugged in? Are you staying connected to the power source you need for your life and faith?

In our Summer Message Series, we will explore and learn from the ‘I am’ statements of Jesus in the gospel of John. In using the words, ‘I am’ to describe himself, Jesus draws a direct connection between himself and the power of God.

On Sunday, June 12, we will examine the story of Moses and the Burning Bush from the Old Testament Book of Exodus – establishing the foundation for the summer series.

This June and July, consider making a commitment to participate in the Message Series each Sunday.  On Sundays when you’reout of town, consider connecting through U-Stream to hear the message live or jump on to the Sunday Experience page of the MV website to listen to the message later in the week.  You can stay connected at Marine View even while you’re away.  Have questions about how to stay connected through the MV website or U Stream? Contact: office@marineviewpc.org


Posted on June 1, 2016 .