Praxis - Reflection, Theory, Action

Equipping and encouraging one another for life and faith beyond the building.

Introducing a new presentation and discussion forum at Marine View – Praxis. Praxis is intended as an hour to hour and a half opportunity to listen and to discuss a wide range of topics related to life and faith so that we are better equipped for the circumstances and situations we all face.

As followers of Jesus and in light of our Presbyterian roots, we believe thoughtful reflection and engagement on current issues and the realities of life is an important part of our faith.

On Wednesday, June 15, at 6:30 pm in the Marine View Fellowship Area, our first ‘Praxis’ presentation and discussion will invite us to engage in the hot topic of ‘Faith and Politics.’ We will wrestle with the topic and consider together how Christ would have us act and engage when it comes to the political process.

They say there are some topics that you simply shouldn’t bring up over the dinner table, or at a party, or when you have your in-laws over. Religion and politics are high on that list. And yet, as the presidential campaign rolls on toward the general election this fall – the inevitable result will be conversations about the election. What you say and how you respond to those around you reflects both on you and on Jesus – are you ready for that challenge?

If you’re concerned that the conversations might lead to conflict and confrontation, don’t be - each discussion will be moderated and facilitated by a ‘Praxis’ host and is intended to provide a space for respectful, thoughtful reflection, where each person and perspective is honored.

In our initial discussion on ‘Faith and Politics,’ no one will tell you who to vote for or how involved in the political process you should be – the conversation is intended to help you explore your approach to the political process in light of your faith.

The word praxis in the New Testament has to do with the actual practice, or actions we take based on the things we believe to be true. Putting our faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior into action – the praxis of our faith – is the goal of the Christian life – to live what we claim to believe. Gather with others from the Marine View congregation and community for a time of reflection, theory, and action.

Future topics may include: Emergency Preparedness, Thriving in Retirement, The Challenges of Parenting, Financial Management, and more.


Posted on June 1, 2016 .