Sound System and Video Projection Upgrades to MV Sanctuary

The Sanctuary at Marine View Church is the place where we gather to hear God’s Word for our lives, to sing praises to the Creator, and to experience the intimate presence of God. It is also a place where we invite the community to enjoy the Jazz Live and So Good for the Soul concerts and where we host memorial services and wedding ceremonies, among other things.

Over the past year it became clear that the Marine View Sanctuary was in need of some upgrades concerning the sound system and the video projection system. Equipment was dated and worn and starting to fail. Because of this we were not able to create the environments we desire for our weekly Sunday morning worship gatherings, but also for the other events we hold or host on a regular basis.

But now, thanks to YOUR generosity and faithfulness, the needed upgrades have been made to our Sanctuary - you've probably noticed the difference already! 

One cool story to mention in connection to these upgrades - an important component for regulating sound in the Sanctuary is the introduction of an electronic drum set. Given the size of the Marine View Sanctuary, traditional drums tended to overwhelm the sound - however, with an electronic set - Marine View sound techs would be able to mix everything more equally, and really control the sound and overall volume. The problem - electronic drum sets are not cheap and we had already invested a substantial amount in the new sound system and projection system. But I did some research anyway and had a price point calculated, developing a tentative plan to purchase a set in the future when funds were available. This is what happened next:  Two hours after meeting with Jesse to discuss holding off on the purchase of electronic drums until we had definite funds available- an active Marine View participant graciously gave the EXACT amount that we needed as a special gift, not previously knowing the need!


We are now well equipped for the next ten years with both our visual and audio equipment, and I am confident that you can already hear, and SEE the difference!

God is GOOD, all the time!

ALL the time, God is good!


Larry Krueger, Worship Music and Creative Director

Posted on September 22, 2016 .