Expanding Marine View Missions

For decades now, Marine View has helped to equip Christian ministries such as Bikes for Kids, Living Grace Church, World Vision, Mission Aviation Fellowship, Hands for Peacemaking and many other Christian outreaches through the congregation’s unwavering commitment to missions.

Now a new shift in how Marine View executes its missions work promises to make that commitment even stronger.

“Our commitment to serving and giving is part of the DNA at Marine View," says Pastor Jesse. "Working with the amazing folks on the mission team, we’ve set out to ensure that the foundation of service and generosity that has been so strong at Marine View over the years continues to be a thriving part of our life together going forward.”

From the church’s inception, Marine View has served those in need, in its earliest days giving generously from the church budget to the presbytery to support independent Christian ministries. Once the Mission Team was formed in the late 1970's, team members assumed the responsibility of discerning how funds set aside for mission should be distributed to local and international ministries.

This year a new approach to missions is emerging that’s designed to further expand the impact of Marine View’s mission giving and service. Dick Shenk, who has served on the Mission Team for some 30 years, says there are many more mission opportunities for Marine View to meet needs in our local communities and around the world. To grow MVP missions, he says, the church will “divide the mission area into serving and giving . . . one recruiting people to do mission outreach activities and another focusing on the [distribution of funds].”

Marine View Elder Ed Hong has been a big part of helping the team explore this new vision for mission. “By dividing the work of the Mission Team into two teams – the Serve Team and the Give Team – we will be able to help the congregation to serve and practice generosity more effectively.”

Currently, five people serve on the Mission Team. The new vision would expand that number to 12 people serving on two teams—6 who mobilize people to work on projects – the Serve Team; and 6 who discern how to distribute funds from the Marine View budget to support those projects – the Give Team.

Dick says the expanding Mission Team is looking for new ideas that can help Marine View to be even more effective and to “seize mission opportunities where they exist.” For example, in the past Marine View has served on Habitat for Humanity team house builds, and Dick says Marine View has an opportunity to once again serve by building these homes. The idea is to equip the Marine View congregation to pursue the opportunities to serve and give that they are passionate about.

The Give/Serve Team is gathering on Thursday, November 29 at 7:00 pm in the Marine View Fellowship Area. You’re invited to come and discover more about this new approach to mission as we continue to build on the legacy and commitment to local and global Mission at Marine View.

Posted on November 26, 2018 .