Celebrating Growing Faith

Bob Boren Baptism.jpg

We celebrated growing faith with Bob Boren (center above) on Sunday, November 20. Here are a few words from Bob about his experience at Marine View and his growing relationship with Jesus: 

For many years, I have been on a mission to be a better man, and by extension, a better Christian. With much reading, pondering and soul searching, I have decided to embrace the idea; the mission of Marine View Church, of going deeper in my relationship with Jesus, and reaching wider with God’s love.

Beginning in early 2013, I began attending Marine View Church, in an effort to make some sense of my life, and the tragedy of my impending divorce. I chose Marine View Church because of their outreach with their Jazz Live concerts. I have learned much, and have grown much, too.

I am not some starry eyed zealot, choosing some belief du jour. Rather, this has been nearly a lifetime journey of investigation, beginning before I could write cursively! I didn’t read just one Bible. I own many. My favorite is the Companion Bible, by Bullinger. And concordances and dictionaries. Strong’s is a favorite.  I looked at comparative religion books. Catholic catechism. Writings of Luther. This has been a calm, and measured, investigation, into my relationship with my Creator.

What can I tell you, of my development? I found a church, a group of leaders, a group of people, that welcomed me, and allowed me to develop as a Christian, at my pace. As I attended more and more services, I became aware of a presence, and messages, and coincidences I could not ignore. I listened to many sermons. Messages I felt were written and directed, solely for me, helping me evolve as a Christian, and as a man. Events, and circumstances, that aligned with this path, that would make me say, “Hmmm. Is that you, God, speaking to me?” 

Some 60 years ago, I was baptized, as an infant. I came to the conclusion, several weeks ago, that I wanted to make an adult affirmation, perhaps a rededication, of that event. This has been problematic, for I am an introvert at rest, and an extroverted introvert when needed. In talks with senior pastor Jesse Skiffington, I decided that total immersion in Puget Sound, in the midst of November, at Dash Point Dock was more immersion than I desired. Instead, a “dunking on the dais”; a definite moistening, though, and took place on Sunday, November 20, 2016, shortly after 9:00 am.

- Bob Boren

Posted on December 1, 2016 .

JazzLIVE at Marine View

The JazzLIVE at Marine View concert series began in March 2009 as a subtle outreach to residents of Tacoma and Federal Way and beyond.  My passion for jazz (since the mid-70's) and my passion to reach out to the community and to shine a light on Marine View prompted my proposal to Session on the idea.

The first concert (featuring guitarist Michael Powers) drew over 200 people, and with subsequent concerts building a solid and loyal following of music lovers, the series started its trek toward being a self-supporting entity at Marine View.  Admission has and will always be free to all ages; donations collected have beautifully covered the very very fair artist compensation guarantee agreed upon well in advance of each booking.

Over the first 8 years of the series, audiences have been exposed to the very best jazz musicians and vocalists in the Pacific Northwest and, on many occasions, other parts of the country.  Traditional jazz, smooth jazz, Latin jazz, vocal jazz, gypsy jazz, swing, jazz fusion, big band, jazz rock - you name it, we have offered it.

Over the series, we have averaged attendance of 235 and have had almost 20 concerts with attendance between 300-400.  Through the generous donations from those who attend JazzLIVE, we have built a reserve fund of approximately $3000 for future concerts and administrative costs.

The satisfaction of the artists, with the warm reception of a musically-educated audience, is exceeded only by the audience itself that has claimed "ownership" of their jazz series.  The byproduct is the recognition of Marine View as being that "cool church that has that great jazz series" and the growing number of people who have plugged into activities and worship at Marine View through first attending the series.

Posted on November 4, 2016 .