Groups at Marine View

At Marine View, we believe growing faith happens better in circles than rows. That's why one of the six key behaviors we emphasize at Marine View is participation in a group. Because we know each person is at a different place in their journey, we offer a variety of gorups intended to meet you where you are in your life and faith - whether you're just starting out and want to learn the basics about following Jesus, you're ready for an in-depth Bible study or simply want to enjoy an activity with others from Marine View, we want to help you find the opportunity that is just right for you. To get plugged in or to learn more, click 'Group Opportunities' below.

Marine View offers many types and varieties of groups at Marine View. From groups that meet once each month for food and fellowship, to weekly Bible study groups, message-based study groups, activity groups, Starting Point groups, and more.  

For more help getting connected or to request general information about groups at Marine View, contact Groups Coordinator – Jessica Moore –